Source: Pinterest Board "Back Dimples"

Source: Pinterest Board
“Back Dimples”

Mmmm, as I sit here in my chair, contemplating and appreciative about the 2,000+ people who viewed my blog since its inception in September 2013, all I want to do is sex each and every one of you sensuously, fervently, and passionately right here and now.  Thank You; You Rock!!

My inspiration to bring forth a great product is motivated by my P2 society (those who are Passionate about the Pussy and Penis) who continues to encourage me and show me support by reading my blog about the joys, wonders, and rewards of oral sex. It actually turns me on and makes me ready to fuck, wanting to please you even more.

I love being a woman, a woman who is sensuous, sexy, and aims to please my man.  My goal is to satisfy all your sexual needs and wants, so that you stay hungry for me, my mouth, tongue, and pussy.  The more that I get you sexually addicted to me, the more you want to please all of me.  Helping you to erase the notion that you will never eat my pussy, since you are now aware that is not an option for you but a requirement. Because you know that my “little penis” is just like your big penis, sensitive to the touch, that requires sexual stimulation, as well.

You may not say it out loud, but if you had a wish for me to suck your dick every day, I doubt if you would ever turn me away from giving you a great blow job on a daily basis.  Actually, I would love that, because it turns me on as well.

The great thing is that we communicate what we want, how we want it, and how we need it.  What I truly love about you is that you will not enter my pussy until I have climaxed from your masterful oral sex skills that I love, love, love!  You learned that a pussy contracting after an orgasm is the only pussy you want to enter.  My walls close in on your dick, and it is being choked but loved by my pussy.

This is heaven, and thank you for sharing in my sexual delights…

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