They declared that for the next 24 hours they will commit to fucking one another every hour on the hour, as foreplay was being used as the “downtime” to refuel and regroup. The dice was rolled, and Doug had all the odd number positions which were his favorites; and she had all the even positions to enjoy.  Gale loves sexually pleasing her husband, as he truly loves pleasing her.  His wife was a nymphomaniac and that was refreshing and addictive, because he has always struggled being a sex addict and fought very hard to suppress this desire until he met Gale.

In the beginning, she was bored and turned off by Doug because she was aware that he was hiding and fighting his inner, deeper sexual needs and desires.  So on their third date, 15 years ago, she begged him to smoke some pot with her and have a nice cocktail.  Within minutes, his 5 senses kicked in strong; he totally took charge and devoured her pussy and erogenous zones.  This pure erotic fucking, sucking, spanking, tasting, smelling, touching, and moaning lasted for 24 hours, and it really helped them see what they were both sexually made of.

What Doug truly loved about his wife was that she was free and open to anything sexual on any given day.  Her pussy was constantly wet and was always dripping because she lived and breathed sex.  One day, Doug tied her hands and feet to their four poster bed and fucked Gale for 12 long hours.  Gale was begging for more, more, and more sexual pleasurable torture. It was her medicine and a daily fix that she could not live without.

The shocking thing was that her pussy never went dry, and she would play with him by sucking him in so deep into her pussy that when she clinched her pussy walls he was not able to move.  They were stuck together like two dogs in heat, and she would laugh at him because he would get weak in the knees and collapse on top of her. Her pussy was like that plant in Little Shop of Horrors…“Feed Me, Seymour!”

Feed me now, I’m starving…more, more, more.  Do you want my dick to fall off? Feed me, feed me, feed me, Doug, all night long.  You can do it, feed me, Doug. Because if you feed me, Doug, it will only serve you better and you will get everything that your penis desires.

One day she sucked Doug’s dick so well that it bought him to tears because the thought of her sharing “his” lips with another man or woman was not an option.  She knew that she was his weakness and pain and she never took that for granted, never used it as a sign of weakness. This just made her love him even more.

Even if they ever decide to play spin the bottle, wherever it may decide to land, they were extremely passionate about each other and were willing to change just because.

5, 8, 10, and 12 are my favorite delights. What’s your favorite time of the day?

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