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Excerpt from Oral Satisfaction

At the start of sex, KISSING is a key vital component that will stir-up your sexual desire.  However, it is the act of FOREPLAY that will get all your juices flowing and will heighten your sexual gratification.

Before I can share my Tips on Giving Oral, you must first tap into your 5 senses: Sight, Sound, Smell, Taste and Touch because this will allow you to expound on your sexual desires at the start of sex.


  • 80% of women have orgasm as a result of direct clitoral stimulation.
  • 85% of men believe they gave their partners an orgasm.

For Pleasing Her (Foreplay + Erogenous Zones = Peak of Sexual Desires (Cause and Effect))

Men, it is time to turn our attention to how to please your female partner during foreplay:

Men, when you kiss your partner with passionate, sensuous, intense kisses (cause), you are literally unlocking her juice supply so that they flow (effect) ever so abundantly and freely. Remember that a woman has two (2) sets of lips: on her face and between her legs. Neither should ever be neglected.

The same way that you eagerly and passionately kiss her visible lips (exterior); you MUST, MUST, MUST do the same to her “hidden” lips. Sticking your tongue out and just licking her clitoris is ineffective and creates only minimal stimulation. Your tongue should lay flat against her vagina (cause), with your index finger inside her wet (effect), juicy pussy.

Move toward her navel, kiss and tease with your tongue; part her legs, kiss and caress her vagina with your lips, suck and taste her juices with your mouth. Don’t be the butt of that “lick, lick the clit” joke, show your woman you know what you’re doing when you eat pussy (a.k.a. the Pink Ice); her pussy should be crying a river by now, ready to explode. Also, by tasting her juices, this is a sure way of getting addicted to and intoxicated by her.  Her pussy is the last piece of peach cobbler that you waited all day to savor and eat. Simply delicious. Once she explodes in your mouth, the inside of her vagina walls are contracting, the pussy is nice, wet and tight. Now you can enter her with your hard Rock of Gibraltar, and fuck her fast or slow, wherever the mood takes you both. Let your passion be your guide on this intense, sensual (Chapter 5) journey you’ve just begun!

For Pleasing Him (Foreplay + Erogenous Zone = Blast Explosion (Cause and Effect))

Now, ladies, let’s turn our attention toward his manhood, and how to make it literally salivate for your lips as you engage in erotic foreplay that is sure to delight and make your male partner explode:

Men have Erogenous Zones (Chapter 3) that are hidden little secrets. They are not centered on his manhood (a.k.a. his dick). Hell no!! The back of their necks, their ears, at the crack of his ass but most importantly behind his knees, OMG, his knees. It’s dangerous, and it is a major turn on. It may tickle some, but you will not know unless you try it.

Once you get him nice and hard from kissing, touching and licking every part of his body, your mouth becomes the Pink Ice Simulator. Begin by French kissing the head of the penis. Kiss the shaft of the penis. Always move your hand(s) up and down the shaft of his penis while you are French kissing, sucking and licking the penis. When you travel back to the head of the penis, alternate and switch back and forth with your hand and mouth moving nice and slow up and down the shaft of the penis. The penis should feel both simultaneously, not in a rushing way but soft, slow, sensual, until the rhythm demands a little more intensity and you’ll know when. Your man will tell you when, just like you’ll tell him. This is also how you work up a lot of saliva (a very important part of this recipe!).

When the penis is juicy wet, your suction around the penis gets a little more intense, and your hands close in on the penis (not too tight but enough to make him moan). Remember, your mouth is acting as a substitute pussy.

You should now be using both hands on the shaft of the penis or, if you prefer—and he prefers—one hand stroking his cock and one hand on his balls, gently caressing them. However you choose to stimulate your man, keep your attention on his penis. Your mouth is moving up and down now, in a continuous motion (2-3 reps), alternating your lips to suck on the head of the penis (2-3 reps). Keep your saliva flowing all over his penis as this gives him a feeling of being inside a wet pussy. By now, your juices should be flowing as well and your internal lips are swollen with joy at the thought of where this is all heading.

Now move in an up-and-down motion on the penis (1-2 reps) that includes the head of the penis and the shaft. Here, you have to get focused because he is about to come (ejaculate, hopefully in your mouth). This is the test, because sometimes it will take a minute, but hang in there. You can do it. Make sure that you have enough salvia to work it, because you are going full throttle now; the pussy-mouth (a.k.a. mussy) is ready to receive him. You have to imagine that he is fucking you; the penis goes in and out. That is how your mouth plays on his penis, in and out of your mouth: nice, hard and long strokes.

Close in on the penis, by making your hands tighten around his shaft, but keep it nice and wet, and suck and tease the head of the penis (not too long). Tease the shit out of his head, and move back down to the shaft; keep at it, and do not move from here until he comes. Tighten your grip around the penis, gliding your hand up and down while your mouth moves up and down, and the saliva is oozing all over his penis. When he explodes, he will tell you. But, remember; don’t stop when he comes (ejaculates). Fuck the shit out of his penis by sucking and using more intense hand movements. Kiss, suck and lick the head and shaft uncontrollably, then ride him home until he begs for mercy. It’s a lot of fun and powerful as hell. Once you and your man experience this type of orgasm, neither of you will ever forget it!!!

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