Excerpt from Oral Satisfaction

It’s a man’s responsibility to bring a woman to an orgasm.  He needs to take gentle care of every part of her body.  Touch her gently all over and use her entire body as a road map to explore with your soft, gentle lips.  Searching, finding and exploring her erogenous zones are the hidden secret to her exploding.

Your goal is to love every part of her being.  Loving on all her erogenous zones (ear, lips, neck, breasts, navel, inner thighs, knees, and, most importantly, her vagina) with passion, vitality, vigor and sensuality.  What this means is that you are going to take your time, explore her body in a slow and methodical manner that involves your hands, eyes, mouth, and, most importantly, your soft, wet lips.

When you kiss her breasts, love on them. Don’t just bide your time because you think you “have” to; want to! Really, really want to! Touch them softly and gently, by caressing them with your eyes, your hands, mouth, and lips.  With every stimulating stroke that you make over her body, feel the energy and fire that you both are generating.  Trust and believe; it can be done.  Use your lips and tongue to love on her nipples and your hand to touch and caress her breast in conjunction with your mouth.

Your ultimate goal is to get her “little penis” hard, ripped and ready to explode so that her satisfaction is intense and yours to enjoy.  Think about how your penis feels when it is stimulated to the point of explosion.  A woman’s clitoris has the same type of feelings and sensitive nerves that require constant stimulation.  As you work on her mouth, tease her lips, suck and caress her breast, gently use your hands to stimulate her by touching her clitoris.  Now take your soft lips and make love to her pussy.  Kiss her clitoris with passion and softness. Your mouth should be covering and eating, sucking, licking the inside walls of her pussy.  Take your tongue and trace the inside of her vulva (pussy lips).  Lay that tongue down flat on her pussy and work your magic. What really turns a woman on is finger stimulation (a.k.a. finger fucking her). OFS (Orgasm For Sure)!

Putting it all together: nibbling on her lips, kissing, sucking, and then, touching and caressing her breasts, while finger fucking her might make her explode in your mouth; so, be prepared.  Move toward her navel, kiss and tease every inch of your path along her soft, trembling skin—and it will be trembling, if you do it right—with your tongue.  Part her legs, then stop and look at her beauty. Admire the majestic lines of her Georgia peach, toy with its lustrous fuzz and dabble in its sweet, dripping juices. Now move in closely to kiss and caress her vagina with your lips.

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