“Come closer. If you eat all the popcorn, I promise you that desert will be delectable and simply delicious.”

Yippy, it’s Friday!!! Popcorn anyone?  Eroticism is being daring, adventurous, and uninhibited about your sexual desires, and that you don’t mind sharing them with the world.  You can look at this photo in two different ways: 1) erotic and delectably enticing, igniting your libido into a sexual frenzy or 2) outright pornographic and disgusting.

I love this photo because it’s daring, and when you allow your mind to be open and free from a negative connotation about this photo it can draw you inside and right between her luscious, inviting legs.

At the start of sex, your imagination should be running sexually wild, with the aim at pleasing your partner.  From that very passionate kiss to the enticing and much required foreplay, your libidos are hot, ripped, and ready to start your sexual Pleasure Journey.

Ladies, before you drop to your “Yoncé-Knees”, your mouth, tongue, eyes, and lips MUST become his baby-oil lotion to use on his entire body.  Remember, you want that dick nice and hard, dripping and ready to bust.

Men, are you ready?  Are you ready to tease and tantalize her entire body?  Suck on her breasts as if they are made out of your favorite flavor?  Lay her on her stomach, spread her sexy legs, and use your tongue to massage the back of her neck, work it down her back and kiss her ever so slowly at the base of her beautiful ass.   Place a pillow underneath, so that her ass has been elevated and your tongue finds its way inside her pussy.

You ate her masterfully, and after she climaxes inside your mouth you enter her wet, pulsating, “contracting” pussy and almost lose consciousness because her Pink Ice feels AMAZING.  The walls of her pussy have clamped down hard on your man-ness, and the wet lubrication is making me never want to end this moment ….

Men, the best feeling that you can ever experience other than a blow job is to enter a pussy right after she has climaxed. It will become your drug addiction and you will crave for it over and over again.


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