As Autumn sat in the spacious, exotic waiting room with a scent in the air that woke up all of her erogenous zones, she was ready to fuck.  Forget the massage, she was ripped, ready to explode, and she wanted to do it now. What most people did not know about Autumn was her very strong sixth sense.  Her pheromones were a magnet that could draw anyone into her erotic, sexual world unbeknownst to them. Autumn knew she was about to have an amazing fucking time with the two female masseuses they appointed.  Their chemistry was immediately on-point and locked in; they were not about to turn away from it.

Sophia and Sasha approached Autumn to escort her into the Russian tea room and the taller of the two handed her a jasmine, honeysuckle tea that immediately calmed her sexual awakenings. They sat her in front of the fireplace and beautiful waterfall. Autumn did not want to leave this atmosphere because everything was so tranquil and loving.  The girls had gone to prepare her massage room and returned with a big fluffy bathrobe and slippers.  Their smiles were illuminated and inviting toward Autumn’s spirit.

I want to fuck them, she thought to herself, and I shall.

They led her into an all-white, breathtakingly beautiful, cozy room with an erotic scent that worked up her pheromones again; this time full force and blazing.  Sophia and Sasha started to undress Autumn, slightly touching her breast repeatedly, to see also if she was down with the erotic fuck fest that lay ahead.  They made eye contact and it was on. Sophia was five-foot-four with natural luscious breasts, at least 36C, and a wicked tongue that aimed to please.  Sasha was a voluptuous buxom brunette, at five-foot-seven, with “handful” tits capped with huge areolas, and a sweet mouth, also aiming to please.

They all started kissing each other, and it was electrifying.  Taking turns sucking and tasting each others’ tongues.  Autumn wanted and needed to fuck now in order to release her bottled up O-G (Orgasm Goodness) once and for all. Shit, six months is a long time to have to hold in an orgasm.  Sophia went in hard core; she kissed Autumn with so much passion that it left her in a daze.  She tongued her down and immediately started caressing her wet pussy, stopping in midair when Sophia felt her clitoris that was a very real penis.  Shocked and in disbelief, she knelt down to what she just discovered.  Sasha wanted to know what surprised Sophia and stopped sucking on Autumn’s full luscious breast.  What they saw was a surprise, and their eyes met in total disbelief.  All eyes met then, and this time Autumn wanted to fuck one of them; she was just waiting for them to decide whom.  Autumn was not ashamed of her body and always used it to please whomever…men or women.  They both started sucking her cock and fingering her pussy.   When her pussy started squirting, their mouths were taking in every drop.  Sophia moved back toward Autumn’s mouth and kissed her so passionately. It was clear that she was expressing true admiration, and she gave it all back to Sophia.

They moved Autumn onto the massage table and focused on her four-handed massage.  They took their time removing all the knots hidden underneath the body tissue.  After her body went limp from the deep-tissue massage, the fun began.  Sasha and Sophia seductively moved her to the couch, and they made love for two more hours.  Sasha made love to her penis going back and forth to her pussy, enjoying the new found experience.

Sophia enjoyed kissing Autumn, as she, too, enjoyed her full lips, while Sasha rode her dick.  Autumn and Sasha sucked on Sophia’s tits and fingered her ass.  She, too, squirted from delight as they drank her pussy juices.  Then, it was Autumn’s turn to taste Sophia’s pussy; she pushed her onto the couch, spread her legs wide, and stuck her tongue deep inside her pussy, while Sasha’s tongue was inside Autumn’s asshole.  This was an amazing fuck fest that she truly enjoyed.

Sophia’s pussy tasted and smelled like cherry blossom, and Autumn could not wait to fuck her.  She begged Autumn to put her ‘Lady-like’ dick inside, “Please,” she screamed.  As Autumn entered Sophia, her pussy climaxed immediately and her dick got harder.  She fucked her until she begged her for mercy and climaxed.  After Sophia came, Autumn sucked on her clit, and she squirted a river inside her mouth.  After their fun-filled fuck fest was over, they all smiled, kissed passionately again, and they bathed her, dressed her, and thanked her.

Autumn sat in the sauna feeling rejuvenated, totally relaxed, and feeling great.  Wow! That was fucking amazing and a total mind blow, she thought to herself.  The way that they ate a pussy and an asshole was magical, and she wanted to experience that again.

So, she told management that is was the most mind-blowing massage that she’d ever experienced. Autumn requested Sophia and Sasha exclusively and gave them both a very hefty tip: $250 each.

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