“. . . the saddest people I’ve met in life are the ones who don’t care
deeply about anything at all.  Passion and satisfaction go hand in hand,
and without them, any happiness is only temporary,
because there’s nothing to make it last.”
~ Nicholas Sparks

Source: Pinterest Board Desire, Heat, and Passion

Source: Pinterest Board
Desire, Heat, and Passion

Excerpt from Oral Satisfaction

Sex, love-making or oral sex without passion is dead.  It’s pointless and simply a total waste of time.  I literally can’t imagine having sex, oral sex or even making love without passion.  It’s inconceivable to me because I am a Scorpio, and we rule with our genitals. Secondly, I am a passionate person and everything that I try to do, I do it with conviction, especially oral sex.  Passion is an intense emotion that requires you to be present with it, not outside of it.  Sex or oral sex without passion is like fucking a robot or humping on a steel wall and waiting for a reaction and sexual stimulation.  Sure, yeah right?!

Oral sex is poetry in motion during foreplay, and when you add your soft lips that fuels your desire that ignite your libido; it will ooze with passion.  Passion exposes sex for what it truly is: one’s deep desire to burn with fervor because the outcome is delightful and orgasmic. 

During oral sex and foreplay you should be hungry and thirsty for your partner.  Remember, “Passion for the Pussy…Passion for the Penis” (P-Squared) is your platform.  You want to devour every inch of your partner’s erogenous zones; because they are the best tasting, most delicious and delectable treats that you will ever savor.  Your strong, emotional desire is open, present and you are now ready to not just taste, but TASTE and not just tantalize, but TANTALIZE your partner sexually.  You want to create an atmosphere so damn HOT that the heroic New York Fire Fighters can’t put out your flame.

Passion rules, especially inside the bedroom.  Passion is such a strong emotion that sometimes its actions may leave you breathless.

During a heated sexual rendezvous, all you want to do is tear off each other’s clothes and start fucking immediately.  That’s passion.  I hear passion is like smoking weed; it allows your mind to rest, relax and enhance your five wonderful senses.  If you ever smoked weed, you understand this statement.  Your taste buds are wired and EVERYTHING tastes AMAZING.  You see things more clearly, and you might not be listening but you can reiterate the entire conversation.  Your hormones are blazing, electric and highly wired.  You want to fuck in the worst way, devour your partner’s erogenous zones until they peak and burst.  That is passion, and it’s natural and free to inhale and exhale, and you possess this amazing emotion all the time if only you’ll open yourself up to it.  Remember that your mind is the biggest sex organ that you possess, and the key is to allow it to be open to pleasure and not fight it when you’re lucky enough to feel it.  It does make your Pleasure Journey more exciting, passionate and eventful.


Passion taps into our five senses and enhances them to their full potential, making oral sex more pleasurable and enjoyable.

Sight (to see) – During oral sex foreplay, if you look deep into the eyes of your partner with a piercing, intoxicated, yet sexually suggestive look or stare that is creating intense sexual arousal. That’s passion!

Sound (to hear) – You release a cry of ecstasy because you just experienced your partner’s fingers and/or hands on your body, and the sexual energy that you are both creating is becoming too much to bear.  That’s passion!

Taste – You are both hungry and thirsty to drink the other’s wetness as it fuels your strong desires to quench each other’s thirst.  You taste the juices you have created from your partner’s penis or pussy, oozing from the tip of his head or her wet Pink Ice, respectively; and it’s not enough so you create more. That’s passion!

Touch – Because our erogenous zones are sensitive to the touch, there are certain body parts that get you turned on when you touch them.  If your touch creates sexual stimulation with fervor, sets the pussy on fire, and gets the penis ready to burst just from a sensuous touch. That’s passion!

Smell – A person’s body scent can ignite sexual tension that draws you in deep, because the pheromones get you so intoxicated that you get weak in the knees.  When you allow your brain power to absorb the scent and it creates sexual tension, that’s passion!

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