Original: Pinterest *Punctuation added by author

Original: Pinterest
*Punctuation added by author

Isn’t life so sweet and sexually charged, which can be confirmed every day when you look at the multibillion-dollar porn industry?  I give credit to the porn industry for my masterful dick-sucking skills, as I watched back in the 80s to learn how to suck great dick.  Thank you, Porn Industry.  Sucking my boyfriend’s cock gives me a feeling of heightened sexual pleasure, a natural high that has me floating into erotic ecstasy.  That generates a feeling of pure goodness, making  us want more and more intense sexual pleasure to share, so that we’ll have no choice but to cave in to our hungry desires and fuck like rabbits. My power and confidence as a woman are encouraged by his sexy reactions to my masterful blow job skills; for that one second, he honestly doesn’t mind being my sexy bitch.

Ladies, when you learn to open your minds, hearts, and sexual desires, what it will give you is freedom to express and embrace your dormant sexual energy that has probably been bottled up for years.

Sucking a mean dick (a hard, beautiful, welcoming cock), he is handing over his power but he will never tell you that he has done so.  This is when you put on your “mother-style” nurturing hat and love on him.  His body, eyes, neck, nipples (Yes, he’ll like it; I swear!), navel area, and, of course, the Rock of Gibraltar standing tall and erect.

He will learn that if he continues to submit to your every whim, you can draw him in to share the sexual pleasure that you give him so freely.  Sex should NEVER be one-sided, as that type of thinking is totally selfish and has no place in the boudoir.

Remember, the worst type of punishment is when your spouse or sex partner learns new tricks, like oral sex, from someone other than you.  When that happens, and you are still clueless or refuse to partake in their sexual desires and wants, someone else will graciously oblige.

Take heed and live outside the box.

Happy Mother’s Day!!

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