Source: "Ink Love" from Carnivore Pictures

Source: “Ink Love” from
Carnivore Pictures

How many people actually enjoy, partake in, and want to have sex on a daily basis; I sure do.  When I make that sexual connection with a guy that totally turns me the fuck on, I can fuck him every single day. With the exception of the down-time of the “Red Zone,” it’s not for me and too damn nasty and messy. Ok, let’s stay focused.

I am not referring to or talking about the Porn-misters or Porn Geeks that dominate and contribute to the growing Porn Social Networks that have a multi-billion dollar industry.  I am talking about regular folks who act like sex does not matter, that their desires are not important or even a need or want.

You can shut yourself out if you choose to do so, but it’s totally bullshit and you are lying to yourself; especially, if you are married and “sometimes” have sex with your husband or wife.  They have needs and wants, and if you ignore them, I guarantee you that someone else will be there to give them the sexual attention they so crave and want.

Sex, oral sex (yes, I am putting it in the same vein because people do crave and want oral sex), anal, group sex, or swingers—people seek sexual gratification that feels good and completes their desires or fantasies.  I love sex; mostly oral sex because the feeling is naturally amazing.

If sex was so bad, why is it when you naturally see, smell, taste, touch, and hear the sounds of your partner at the start of sex, your dick turns into the Rock of Gibraltar, and your pussy starts flowing like the Victorian Falls in Africa?

Even if you tried very hard to fight the feeling, your body’s natural instincts will kick in without your help.

Surrender to your natural sexual desires and see the enjoyment that it brings to you and your partner’s bodies.  Sex that generates orgasms is a healthy reaction for the body, as it releases bad toxins, stress, and built-up tensions that do the body no good.

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