Source: Tonya Love's Black/white Photos Board

Source: Tonya Love’s
Black/white Photos Board

Oral sex is now the new kiss; and all women want and crave a monumental climax just like most men: explosive and intoxicating. When you allow your mind to be free and add your 5 senses into the mix, this is what can happen:

  • The Sight of you makes him want to do wicked, naughty, delectable things with his tongue, which I promise will make your lips swell, ache, and drip with dewy gladness.  What he’ll want to do to you is kiss your beautiful butt cheeks, lay his head on your gorgeous ass, and just enjoy his surroundings.
  • He will be drunk from your intoxicating Smell that will be burning deep in his loins, and he’ll want to fuck you now.  But first, he needs to caress your lips, nibble on your neck, and suck on your dark big nipples as his penis aches to be inside of you.  You’ll want his tongue to start at the base of your neck and travel its way down to your ass, then he can insert his tongue into your beautiful plump ass while his index finger finds the opening of your vagina.
  • The Sound of your voice, rolling out moans of pure pleasure as he licks your pussy from front to  back, compels him to fulfill your every desire as your flowing juices drip in his waiting, hungry mouth.
  • He will want to Taste all of you as he spreads your luscious legs wide, and then takes his demitasse spoon to feed you. Your look will be a piercing dagger at his heart, which is beating a mile a second. He wants you now.  “No,” you say, “I’m not ready, as I need more hand stimulation and you caressing the rest of my body. Please baby,” you moan in his ear.
  • “As you wish,” he whispers.  His hands were gentle and soft to the Touch, which set her libido on fire and brought pussy to total wetness.  He wants your burning desire to be inflamed, to sizzle at the hottest temperature so that when he enters you from behind you’ll immediately come on his cock as you choke the head of his penis with your amazingly muscular pussy walls.

Oral sex can be fun, exhilarating, exciting, intoxicating, and purely satisfying for all the parties involved if you allow your mind to be free and not afraid. Go for it, because she craves it and he always wants it.

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