Because it starts in a very pretty place! Source: Tumblr

Because it starts in a very pretty place!
Source: Tumblr

The Internet and traditional porn business is a multi-billion dollar, major-money-making industry. And guess who their clients are, maybe you, your neighbors, teachers, doctors, lawyers, judges, policemen & women, firemen, politicians; you name it…Porn has definitely gotten under everyone’s skin.

And yet oral sex is still treated badly, as if it’s in the same vein as porn, and I find that totally hilarious, because it is not.  Our beautiful former First Lady, Barbara Bush, even commented about it, when she said, “Clinton lied.  A man may forget where he parks or where he lives, but he never forgets oral sex, no matter how bad it is.”  I admired and respected her for speaking out about oral sex, because she was not afraid to say those forbidden, yet my two favorite, words…oral sex.

Some women today still find it offensive, disgusting, and outright appalling when their husbands or partners, mostly likely afraid to, ask the “shocking” question to give him a blow job.  Well, guess what Ms. Prima Donna, if you won’t, I guarantee you that someone else will.

Take it from me; I speak with experience. When my first husband asked me to suck his dick,  I ran out of the room crying hysterically, like I lost a loved one, yelling at the top of my lungs that he did not respect or love me.  Two days later, this little voice whispered in my ear and said, “If you don’t, someone else will.”  So, I started to watch 80s porn and became a master pro at sucking a mean dick, and I am proud of my amazing talent and skills.

Oral sex during sex does not have to be resentful, awful, offensive, scary, or hurtful. It can be a wonderful and enlightening experience if we allow our minds to be open to pure pleasure.  Because, I promise you, men love having their dicks sucked, and it is because (this is the secret) the mouth NEVER expands and it stays wet.  Daah!

Men, you to have to get past the misconception that eating pussy is nasty and disgusting.  With this mindset, basically you are saying that your dick is more valuable than her pussy.  In what fucking world? Definitely not mine or the world shared by most of the women on this planet for that matter.

85% of most Women don’t even achieve an orgasm during sex, whereas
Men reach an orgasm 70% of the time.

My Italian Stallion knows that I must have an orgasm every time that we fuck… “You figure it out,” I told him.  I have NO problem taking away the pussy or the lips if you are not willing to learn or be open to my needs. It’s a given that sex should never be one-sided.

Oral sex is the foreplay before the actual love-making session that ignites your libidos into sexy action, so that you both can achieve an orgasm for sure (OFS).  So relax; enjoy each other’s beautiful bodies by incorporating all your 5 senses (sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch) into the mix of exploring your sexual desires, and I promise you that it will be an experience unlike any sexual rendezvous you’ve ever dreamed of.

Need a helping hand? Start with my eBook, Oral Satisfaction, where I explain the hot spots, how-to’s, and how-not’s to guarantee mutual (pre-sex) orgasm from sensual oral sex.

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