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Source: Alicia Mungomery
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Their eyes met from across the room, as they walked toward one another.

They’d met before, but were tied down by others.  As they approached one another, their body heat was searing, reveling in their urge to kiss and embrace, but refraining from doing so. The way she licked her lips pierced his loins, and all he wanted to do was spread her legs and let his lips meet hers.

Their energy was combustible, and she could no longer stand. Her knees gave way and she collapsed into his arms.  He carried her up to his room, while his guests were enjoying the Manhattan skyline overlooking Central Park at his monthly soiree, which meant the libation and sexual teasing that were always a part of the evening.

He laid her down gently on the bed, and his five senses went into overdrive and engulfed her entire being.  His eyes stimulated both their libidos; his touch caressed her succulent, moist body; her smell mixed with his creating erotic aromatherapy that they craved more of; their tongues were fiercely on fire in a sword fight of ecstasy; hungry lips and mouths released and consumed their moans as they echoed through the air. Jason knew that he was born to love this woman for the rest of his life and made this promise to her as she lay beneath him.

“What’s your name,” she asked with love in her eyes as he entered her. He whispered, “Jason.”  After a deep breath, she whispered to him, “My name is Jahara, and yes, I will marry you.” Their eyes smiled once again as their hearts and bodies melted into one another.

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