Source: Sara Zarrella Photo Huffington Post Article

Source: Sara Zarrella Photo
Huffington Post Article

Pinterest is the next big social media outlet that has created a beautiful platform for photographer Jada Parrish of We Are JDThe Huffington Post reported yesterday that sexy women, in all shapes, sizes and colors, are bold artistic statements especially when expressed in a provocative photo.

The new, exciting, sexual craze is boudoir photography for women, especially brides-to-be, who want to surprise their new husband or wife with an erotic shoot, capturing the attention of romantic partners with a succulent, pre-wedding gift. Everyone is getting into the game, like  Pinterest, where you will find the work of photographer Jada Parrish.  Her clients are mostly women who want to be photographed to feel beautiful about their own bodies, creating a platform for women to be alluring, sexy, and delectable for her man or woman and on her own terms.

These erotic photos are making great anniversary or birthday gifts, a fun bachelorette party activity, or even a way for single and married ladies to celebrate their beauty for themselves.

If you want alluring photography right at your fingertips, pick-up a copy of Oral Satisfaction, the photos inside are truly beautiful. Whether it’s with my eBook or the work of Jada and Sara, continue to add that spark of sexual enjoyment to your Pleasure Journeys; it can be with a photo, a kiss, or a great blow job, just keep the lines of communication open for all to enjoy.

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