“Make me immortal with a kiss.”
Christopher Marlowe

Kissing is an unsung hero and often downplayed to be of no importance, when in actuality it is the vital component to having awesome sex or oral sex.  One of the most sensitive body parts that humans possess is right on our faces.  You guessed it: our beautiful, sensuous, inviting lips that are the foundation to kissing.  And what is sex or oral sex without a sensuous, lingering kiss?

Ryan Gosling, Mr. Cutie, has coined the art of kissing…which the website Zimbio was gracious enough to share with us in a series of animated .gif images. Here’s one example:

And she's an EX girlfriend!

And she’s an EX girlfriend!

Kissing is the conductor of your sexual symphony helping you create beautiful music throughout your sensual rendezvous.  So, relax those hot, juicy lips and let them express themselves openly and freely so you can enjoy that orgasm for sure.

Happy Friday!!!

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