Real love is an expression of being uninhibited and totally free to love openly without ever having to say that you are sorry. The best and only way to express one’s love during sex is to show your partner that sexually they do matter. Set yourself free and allow your mind to live outside the box, so that you can truly enjoy the pleasures of amazing sex.

Love-making is a freedom of expression toward your partner, with a hidden message saying, “I want to enjoy every inch of your beautiful body; so, let me.  Please, surrender to my touch and every whim that I want to share with you.”

When you hold back during oral sex, you are committing an offense to you and your partner.  Why?  Because you refuse to allow your mouth to taste, your eyes to see, your hands to touch, your nose to smell, and your ears to hear all of the most sensuous parts of sex, heightening your sexual desires.

By tapping into your 5 critical senses, you are truly experiencing and appreciating the joys, wonders, and rewards of your partner’s body.

Oral sex is a natural form of sexual expression and stimulation that uses mouth and touch to manipulate the most sensitive body parts into submission.  So live vicariously through your heart’s most sexual desires, by sharing erotic pleasure between you and your partner without limit and beyond imagination.

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