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Jane is a weekly sex columnist for The Daily Collegian from Penn State University.

As Jane exhorts her male readers in her 9.5.13 piece:

“You better spend more than five minutes down there. I don’t know if this guy [a past dalliance] actually thinks the female orgasm takes only 60 seconds or if he was just so damn eager for a blowjob that he completely neglected mine, but either way, he’s seriously delusional. Because listen, boys, I’m a complex creature and if you aren’t spending double the amount of time that I do on your orgasm then you’re doing it wrong. It takes time to warm me up, to excite me — now get back down there.”

Thank you, Jane, for being brave, uncompromising and telling the truth about women and our expectations of having oral sex.  BRAVO!!!  Jane, I take my hat off to you and send you praise for your bold directness about women and the likes of oral sex.  This is definitely a teaching moment for some men, who really don’t get it.

Granted, for most men, when you are having your dick masterfully sucked,  it might only take you but 2 minutes to ejaculate.  ;o) Just joking.

Women on the other hand, though, do require pre-sexual stimulation because we are not solely visual creations, but emotional ones, too.

Kiss, suck and touch our breasts, put your hands all over this steaming body and that wet pussy (if it is wet at this point; if not, make it so).  If you want your blow job badly enough, travel down way past our belly button and into our glorious flower garden to smell the roses.  Continue to water the pink tulips with your tongue, feeling and touching them with your lips, nibble at the petals with your teeth.  This will definitely bring a woman’s level of sexual desire to a boiling point, which is the ultimate goal so that we can climax just like you. Then, and only then, is it “your turn”!

Right, Jane?

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