Bregje Heinen Photo Source: Pinterest

Bregje Heinen Photo
Source: Pinterest

Jason’s feet felt like a baby’s bottom, butter soft, tender, and gentle to the touch. He was not open about his feelings for Tati because his marriage had just ended in a very messy divorce.  He wanted to be near Tati, every waking hour, but believed that it was too soon to commit.  She was fun, sexy, hot-tempered, and knew how to give the best blow job that he ever experienced.  Jason was overwhelmed around her, because his cock loved her mouth and was addicted to her delicious pussy.

They met on June 12th last summer, and from their very first meeting, all Jason could visualize was her pink, beautiful lips around his dick.  He wanted to fuck her right then and there, but denied his other head.  Jason waited patiently; and on one cool summer evening, Tati invited Jason for an after-dinner drink in her apartment.

Once they crossed her threshold, they fell into each other’s arms and kissed fervently and hungrily.  They fell onto her couch clawing and ripping away clothing.  Tati pushed him down on the couch and removed his pants.  Her soft, firm hands caressed, clawed for, and gently touched and loved on his body, like a massage.

He was transfixed because no one had ever made him feel loved, or even like they wanted to love him.

Everyone around him was a taker and never a giver.  Jason’s moans were vibrating in the air and penetrating her vulva flower, creating a flowing river between her legs. Tati was intoxicated by his smell, the sight of body writhing beneath hers, his sounds of utter ecstasy, and the taste of his luscious lips against hers.

The touch of his body under her spell let her soar to another level of passion.  Every time that she touched Jason on any part of his body, his moans drew her in deeper.  They embraced each other as if it was the end of the world and they were the only survivors.

Tati sat down on his throbbing, dripping penis in a slow-motion cascade, wrapping her legs around his waist.  Their eyes never left each other, and their connection of skin-against-skin was the glue that kept them in a sensual rhythm, climbing toward their climatic crescendo stopping only when they climaxed together.

Jason whispered in Tati’s ear, “Promise me that you will always touch my body the way that you just did.”  She smiled and said, “Is there any other way? Touching is a form of love-making, and I promise, Jason.”  He held her in his arms with a firm embrace, and she fell asleep like a newborn baby.

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