Oral Sex is free will and a freedom of expression.

Oral Satisfaction

We the People of the Oral Sex Society, whose mantra is P2 (Passion for the Penis and Passion for the Pussy), wish to perform this natural sexual stimulation with our mouth, tongue and lips with no inhibitions or notions that oral sex is a disgusting or foul thing.  We will display our unadulterated affection, desires, needs and fulfillment toward our partner sexually, orally.  This constitution is to reassure, give peace of mind and acceptance that our choice and free will to perform oral sex will be respected and never compromised or made to feel like a pornographic act.

We respect and love our bodies by giving and receiving love, pleasure and joy by consuming the mouth, lips and tongue on our partner’s body so passionately and freely.  We understand the importance of a passionate kiss; the vital pro-active element behind foreplay; the desire to touch, taste, feel, hear…

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