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Source: ‘Seductive and Sexy Couple Pics’ Board
Susanne Hoenig

Chemistry between two people can never be denied, especially when the energy is real and uncontrollable.  It becomes combustible in an erotic kind of way because your pheromones are immediately activated and your breathing increases in syncopation.  The heat between your bodies starts to feed off of one another, igniting and burning deep as long as the sexual desire continues to be tested.  You want to taste, tantalize, and feast on your partner’s delectable body.

Mmmm, how sweet it is that you long for your partner right then and even now.

From the first kiss that caused your lips to melt and disappear in your lover’s mouth and still lingers in the air of egotism and pure delight.  The atmosphere is intoxicating, and you want to devour your partner’s erogenous zones: lips, neck, breasts, chest, navel, arm pits, back of the neck, genitals …you name it; you want to sexually stimulate ALL of her or him.

Your 5 senses are blazing (sight, sound, smell, taste & touch), taking notes, and making mental photos of ALL the areas on your partner’s body that need and require attention.

Don’t ever misjudge or think that chemistry is not important in a relationship, or at the start of oral sex.  Think again; it’s critical.

Trust me, when you are sexually attracted to someone, the initial meeting will sum up your likes and dislikes and how the relationship will progress.  Just ask anyone how important the “attraction” is when you meet someone.  Let me know your thoughts. I would love to hear from you.

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