Source: 'Simply Hot!' Pinterest Board Jimmy Lindquist

Source: ‘Simply Hot!’ Pinterest Board
Jimmy Lindquist

How does one describe or experience passion at the start of sex?  Do you focus fervently on your partner’s sensitive body parts, taking extra care of them?  Love-making, whether it’s missionary sex or oral sex, should never be rushed.

It is outright offensive when sex is rushed with one-sided results. Meaning, only one party will climax at the explosive end.  Does that sound fair and just?  Hell no!

Let’s take this nice and slow, passionate, very loving sex or oral sex is magical because you are getting your libidos worked up to their FULL POTENTIAL.  This, of course, is what you are trying to achieve and accomplish.  The more passion, fervent sexual energy that you deposit into your Pleasure Journey, will grant you the BIGGEST rewards in the end.

Trust me; this is not rocket science; so, feel free to connect with your loved one  by giving them ALL OF YOU.  Ladies, spread those succulent thighs so that he can creep inside and find your Venus Butterfly, now moist and ready to flutter.  Men, it’s ok to show your vulnerable side, which women will love, love, love this about you.  Because it means you are trusting her with your emotions and exposing your soft side; she will not embarrass you but embrace you with all of her sexual love in return.  I guarantee that she will savor and love on you ever so softly and with great care.

Why is Passion so important at the start of sex or oral sex?  Because it’s the fire that starts and sparks the flame that ignites into a combustible, erotic energy for both of you to enjoy!

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