The delights of #Oral Sex


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Oral sex is breathtakingly beautiful and contagious.  My Italian Lulu and I climaxed together for the first time, and it was definitely monumental.  The start consisted of kissing, sucking, licking and touching (one of the 5 senses) that caused our erogenous zones to ignite into a heated frenzy and explode.  I love, love, love a great fuck fest.  It releases endorphins, relieving stress, and pheromones that bring about a healthy thing for your mind, body, and soul.

My Italian Lulu is not a pussy eater, but last night his lips felt like pussy-lips on and inside my juicy pink ice.  He was passionate, slow-moving and caressed every part of my body.  What he loves about my pussy when she climaxes is her ability to drip, drip, drip down to his soft sweet balls and choke his dick with my contracting pussy muscles.  Love it!!!


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