How long does it takes for you to climax during oral sex?  For most men, if their dicks are stimulated to their full potential (with a masterful blow job) they can climax quickly and explosively.  On the other hand, women are not so lucky.  A woman needs to be stimulated, teased, and tantalized in order for her to climax to her full potential.

Just a kiss and a suck on the tits definitely do not “do it” for the majority of women.

For most women, you MUST add in all the following ingredients and simmer slowly:

  • Long, passionate kisses
  • Nibbling on her neck, then moving down to her beautiful breasts
  • Sucking, licking, stroking and admiring her breasts
  • Caressing her entire body gently with your hands, mouth, and delectable tongue
  • Spread her legs seductively and press your tongue against her throbbing, wet pussy
  • Slowly enter your finger inside her pussy, with your tongue moving over and around her clit

Mixing all the above ingredients well  and bringing them to a hot, rolling boil guarantees that you will bring her to an explosive climax, having her spill all that sexual goodness in your mouth.

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