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Marie-Claude Bourbonnais
Source: Peter Maltha
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Fulfilling your sexual pleasures is becoming common and more encouraged today.  Enjoying oral sex is no longer a bad thing when it’s had by consenting adults.  It is definitely a sure-fire way for women to climax, and men simply love having their dicks sucked, stroked and made love to.  Teasing, tasting, and tantalizing your partner should be at the forefront and be a top priority at the start of sex (meaning oral sex).  During sex, all go hand in hand; especially, when you tap into the depths of each component.  Teasing your partner’s genitals will have your libidos aching, throbbing, and begging to release your juices into your partner mouth.  Once you release your wetness, the mouth waits wide open for Tasting every drop of sexual goodness.   And finally, knowing that you have ignited your partner to a crescendo by Tantalizing their sensitive body parts will ignite and extend your sexual stimulation giving you an orgasm for sure (OFS).

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