“Come closer, CJ,” Tatiana whispered in that low, sexy voice she knew gave him an instant hard-on.  She was ready to go spread-eagle and let his tongue take her from behind.  Damn, she loved his long tongue in her ass; it drove her loose and crazy.

CJ, whose lips were juicier than a Georgia peach on a sweltering summer day in Atlanta, was thrilled and excited because he had waited all day to see Tatiana.  He loved the way that she made him feel as he came undone, totally vulnerable.  Last year, around this time (a fall evening) they fucked for 10 hours with minimal bathroom breaks.  CJ stayed hard, and Tatiana’s pussy was gushing, dripping and replenishing her wetness for the duration of their fuck-fest.  When she took the lead on their sexual romps, CJ became her bitch and was very proud of it.  He tried desperately to fight the strong desire he has for her, but he loses out every single time.  CJ would start out nice and firm, dominating their sexual episodes; that is, until her lips, tongue and mouth enveloped his penis. Taking him deep down her throat and practically getting lost.

He felt weak, tied to her every whim every single time she performed her “deep-throat” action.

For instance, whenever she unleashed her wicked mouth, lips and tongue on his manhood, he started sucking his thumb and saying to her, “I’m your bitch…do as you wish.”  One time, she suggested that she give him a massage and directed him to lie down on his stomach.  He was excited and overzealous when he agreed. Little did he know that it would entail her long, naughty tongue going deep inside his ass.  He was too shy, embarrassed to speak up because it whipped him into feeling like an infant. Tatiana was the love of his life, as he so often professed his undying love for her.

He was an amazingly great fuck, with one minor flaw–she could only see him every six months because he was only allowed to take Viagra every six months, per doctor’s orders.  With that said, his manhood did not work on a regular basis; therefore, he had become a workaholic, compensating for his impotency. So, Tatiana always made herself available to CJ when he called because their fuck-fests were infrequent, yet fucking mind-blowing. Abso-fucking-lutely! When she got the opportunity to fuck CJ, she would get lost in him and go for the gold.

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