My all-time favorite quote (Shhh, the secret word was oral sex) is by Former First Lady Barbara Bush who said, “Clinton lied.  A man might forget where he parks or where he lives, but he never forgets oral sex, no matter how bad it is.” The First Mom: The Wit and Wisdom of Barbara Bush (Bush and Adler, 2004, 114-115)

Lmao!!! Simply hilarious, but totally true because I don’t know any man alive who got their dick buffed and forgot that it happened.

A woman who knows the art of sucking a mean dick gloats in her masterful skill and is very proud to oblige and satisfy her partner.  She is attentive, sensuous, and passionately focused on the job at hand (literally).

Let’s see how Candy handles Sean…

Source: Pinterest 'Sexy Couples' Board Credit: Caliber Photography (click)

Source: Pinterest ‘Sexy Couples’ Board
Credit: Caliber Photography (click)

After Sean kissed Candy, she became intoxicated and had to contain herself.  It left them panting and desiring to please each other.

He loves the way that she kisses and nibbles on his lips, and then moving down slowly to suck on his nipples makes him quiver with pure delight. He too is trying to keep his cool and not rush her straight to his Johnson, which is standing at full attention.  He’s waiting patiently for her supple lips to take him full throttle.

Their eyes meet and lock; the energy is obvious and combustible.  They reach out to each other hungrily, with fervent passion as she slips down to his waiting manhood.  Candy seems to sense Sean with every part of her body, feeling turned on to high volume as her lips engulf his dripping penis.  She oozes with excitement and pure delight; immediately moving to deep-throat him.  She wanted to feel his juices on the back of her throat; it was necessary for her finale later (she smiled to herself at the thought).

Sean moans with delight and ecstasy as she tries to swallow his cock whole.  Every time that she performed this amazing, mouth-watering stunt with her soft, supple lips, his toes would curl, and he wanted to roll over and suck his thumb.  He was her bitch and proud of it, because Candy took him to a place of no return that made him totally vulnerable and at peace with himself.

Her mouth and tongue work simultaneously with her gentle hands.  Her rhythm has picked up and become more intense. They are lost in translation and their own world, but knew the other was not far.  He’s ready to explode in her mouth, and she’s ready to receive all of him.  When the explosion occurs, it’s simultaneous; Sean climaxes in Candy’s mouth, and she’s squirting.  Sean loves it when Candy squirts, because he knows now that she’s ready and can’t wait to fuck her wet, dripping pussy.  To have that uncontrollable contracting feeling engulf and choke his manhood is an exquisite feeling words just can’t explain…

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