Joel Evan Tye

Joel Evan Tye

I love doing wicked, naughty things with my tongue; teasing, tantalizing, and tasting the vital parts of My Sweetness’s sensitive body parts: lips, neck, nipples, navel, beautiful cock, balls, perineum, and butthole.  These areas are very sensitive to the touch (just one of those important 5 senses), and its including the other four senses (taste, hearing, sight, and smell) that will really keep your partner happy. But it isn’t just those senses that are needed in the bedroom; that’s right, Ladies, we really need to get our heads in the game. Here are some tips and tidbits to inform, educate, and entertain you right into making your man your bitch in the bedroom tonight!

Inform: And it’s probably no surprise, 99% of men love oral sex. What you might not have considered, is that it’s because of the almost non-stop suction power performed by the mouth, complemented by the natural lubrication of the saliva, and your masterful hand (or hands) moving in succession, up and down on the shaft of his stiff penis. Most importantly, the mouth’s grip doesn’t expand like the pussy can.

Entertain: There are two secret weapons that men will never tell you about, but trust me–if you find them, they will never tell you to stop.  Shit, he might propose to you.  Imagine that you are giving your manly-man a seductive message after a steamy aromatherapy salt bath.  You towel him dry and lead him into the bedroom.

You lotion him down slowly, starting with the front of his body, paying close attention to his penis, balls and ass.  Massage the oil and scented lotion all over his body; giving most attention to his penis, making him hard as a rock.  Now – you want to get to the perineum (the area between the scrotum and anus), and in order to do that he must be spread-eagle.  Now your mouth, lips and tongue become the oil and lotion as they glide ever so slowly in that very sensitive area.  Move your tongue now toward his anus, kissing and licking it with passion and sensuality.  Those two very sensitive and secret areas will drive him insane and heighten his sexual gratification to a level unbeknownst to him.  A suggestion to get the ball rolling? Every place that you touch with your hand or finger, you must kiss with your lips.  If you touch his neck, then you kiss his neck, etc.

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