Source: Hollyann Leonhardt Lingerie Passion Board

Source: Hollyann Leonhardt
Lingerie Passion Board

Mmmm, how lovely and enticing is Valentine’s Day?  Valentine’s Day is a day of reprieve, rejuvenation, and bringing the thunder during quality sex time.  It’s also a time to try something new like oral sex, or if you are curious about exploring unknown body parts, now is the time to step up your game.

Ladies: Spoil your man tonight; don’t put all the owness on him to make it a magical evening.  Go to Groupon and purchase a dinner for two. Wear something sexy and revealing that will get his hormones worked-up.  Tease, tease, and tease with your eyes, mouth and lips.  Seduce that strawberry that came with your drink.  So when the evening closes, all he wants to do is take you home and fuck your brains out–making you both climax together.

“Cuddling helps women feel safe, confident, secure and loved.”

Men: Just say yes to her; don’t forget the flowers and/or chocolates (Godiva is nice); and if the time allows go to a nice restaurant to dine.  Hopefully, you’re picking up on her sexy vibe and returning it with your own romantic moves getting your hormones working; so, that when the evening ends you are hot, ripped and ready to fuck like rabbits.

Suggested gift cards or certificate for him: Home Depot, Lowes, or favorite sports bar.

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