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Oral Satisfaction

I am working strategically and smartly to improve my viewership for my blog, Oral Satisfaction.  Why? Because it is very important to me, as I truly believe in this platform.  I am also very passionate about couples achieving orgasm together,  and the fact that women want to achieve orgasm just as badly as men do: because it is obtainable.  I have read the following books: She Comes First, by Dr. Ian Kerner, Female Ejaculation by Somraj Pokras, The Manual by W. Anton, and Oral Sex That’ll Blow Her Mind by Shanna Katz just to name a few, and recommend each one.  They are enlightening, refreshing, funny and on point about the joys of oral sex.

In addition, too, I have reviewed the top 50 sex blogs and was excited to learn that there has been a world created for the people by the people who do not snub their…

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