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Life is too short to take part in boring sex, let alone oral sex.  Our bodies are designed to enjoy and receive pleasure.  Our 5 senses (sight, smell, sound, taste, and touch), a natural part of human existence, are key components to enhancing your sexual gratification.  Think about when you kiss and if there’s no passion or zeal, 9 times out of 10, you are probably a bad screw.  Your sex life is probably uneventful with a boring climatic ending, because it’s only experienced by one party.

However, when you focus your attention on the KISS at the start of sex, and then actively add all 5 senses—your kiss becomes the “it factor.”  The thing that makes your libidos ignite.

When you use your mouth, lips, and tongue to touch and taste the joys you’re sharing with your partner, all your erogenous zones are alert and ready for action.  You will hear the moans that you are both creating and inhale the erotic pheromones that are sensually percolating.

The missionary position is fine; especially after a hard day at the office and you’re exhausted.   But, Ladies, we want exciting, rocket-ship-style sex, and we can have it! By getting on top of a man’s dick and sitting down on him ever so slowly; the joys of hearing your man moan from excitement will penetrate your “little penis” (the clitoris), as well.  Your man would love for you to ride his dick until the cows come home, because he can penetrate you more deeply.  But the benefit for you is being able to control how deeply he penetrates.

Then, your pussy will flow like the Victorian Falls, because his manhood is stroking the inside of your pink ice at or near your G-Spot, causing you to saturate his balls and making it impossible for you NOT to orgasm.  Ride that dick; get your jockey on like he’s Black Beauty: pumping hard, fast, and long.   I guarantee you he is happy as hell, because you are both about to cross the finish line at the Belmont Stakes and win the million dollar cash prize: climaxing together.

So, don’t be afraid to climb on, ride that dick, and put an end to boring sex!

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