Congratulations Seattle Seahawks!

Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl XLVIII Winners Team 2.2014


Russell Wilson is a special player who used common sense and impeccable judgment, supported by his star Defense team they carried out a historical win in the Super Bowl against Peyton and the Denver Broncos.  Russell finished 18-of-25 passing for 206 yards resulting in two touchdowns and no picks. He’s the sixth-youngest quarterback to start a Super Bowl and the youngest to win. Regardless of age, he definitely proved his skills last night and was my choice for MVP, for sure!

Wilson Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl XLVIII Winners2.2014

It was a shocking loss because the Denver Broncos were so out-played, out-thought, out-ran and practically bulldozed by the Seahawks–who I called early on to win the Super Bowl.  The Seahawks are younger and faster, along the whole spectrum, than Peyton, who looked old and a terrible beat down.

There were plenty of other highlights for the Seahawks last night. Like Marshawn Lynch’s touchdown on a 1-yard run, while Jermaine Kerse and Demaryius Thomas proved golden boys with 23- and 14-yard  catches, respectively. Malcolm Smith and Percy Harvin collected over 150 yards with their interception and kickoff returns. But the score was anchored with Steven Hauschka’s successful field-goal attempts, from the 31- and 33-yard lines, and Doug Baldwin’s 10-yard TD reception. This game made history, producing the third-biggest blowout, coming up behind San Francisco’s 45-point spread over Denver in 1990. It is the biggest recorded win for a Super Bowl underdog.

Congratulations to my Seattle boys! Well-played and well-deserved!

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