Sight, Sound, Smell, Taste, Touch of Sex


Recap:  Your eyes are critical to your sexual Pleasure Journey, because the way that you see your sex partner will determine your level of sexual interest. And that’s expressed in how much you want to devour your partner’s beautiful (what you see) body. Sound is also critical to your sexual Pleasure Journey, because the way that you perform your proactive sexual foreplay skills on your partner will determine your level of sexual interest. Expressed in how you want to conduct your orchestra on your partner’s beautiful body.  The intoxication of sensual Smells is a sweet aroma stimulating my libido, as it should be yours.  When you and your partner have created an inebriating bouquet from hot, steamy sex, you can become drunk from the aroma.  Pheromones are your aphrodisiac, to ignite, so that you can become a sultry seductress with no more effort than leaning against your partner.  Soak in the cocktail of delectable decadence, and ride that wave of pure unadulterated ecstasy.    Taste is the most erotic sense that we possess because our delectable tongue is the central part.  And if you are creative with your tongue during sex, great things will take place.  Sexual Taste starts our Pleasure Journey and gets our libidos up and running with a hot and sexy kiss.  When you kiss passionately and sensuously, you are using your tongue to taste the wonders of your partner’s lips and mouth.  Remember that kissing ramps up your sexual excitement and desires to ignite your libidos into acting NOW. 

The sole purpose of me writing about our 5 Senses is to show the importance of keeping them proactive and ready to act.  They all play a key role in your sexual journey; that should never be ignored or forgotten. Our 5 Senses are key components to an amazing sex life, especially during oral sex. Achieving mutual sexual gratification and stimulation needs to be taken seriously, so that the end results are always climatic. It is our right and free will to passionately love and ignite our 5 senses that continue to lay dormant.  Wake up those 5 senses so that your pheromones are alive and proactive.

Shall I explain…?

The touch…I have the ability to touch you in ways that will guarantee you a climatic, joyous experience.  Touching is like kissing during sex, as it is essential and very necessary.  Like Kissing: at the start of sex, touching starts the excitement, ignites your libido and turns on your erogenous zones.

Touching is erotic; so much so that a single well-placed caress possesses the ability to bring you to a thunderous climax.

For instance, when you’re kissing, or giving a blow job, or fingering her pussy, intimate and tender touching is necessary (Don’t forget your mouth!) to guarantee pure unadulterated pleasure and a mutual orgasm.

Touching is very personal and requires total attention, passion and sensuality, most especially during sex.  With your touch you can explore, tantalize, and penetrate all the best areas of your lover’s erogenous zones, so that they are ripped and ready to burst.  Love it!

What are you waiting for? Reach out and share love’s passionate embrace.

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