Creating a voice or platform for the topic of oral sex is definitely a tall order, but one that I will not back down from or turn my back on.  If men and women relied on Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli of Virginia, all consensual adults that performed oral sex in the comfort and privacy of their homes can be arrested; we might as well go back to The Stone Age and take residency inside a cave.  Or we can wait patiently for former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee to embrace that a woman’s libido is just as important as a man’s libido and is totally significant in today’s world. We are batting 1,000; yippy, hallelujah!!  Amanda Hess is my Shero because she keeps it real, frank and candid about how the world views women and their sexual outlook.  She recently wrote an article, “Why Women Aren’t Welcome on the Internet”, which was scary because online misogyny is growing at a rapid rate.  Oral sex for a woman is very important because it does satisfy and stimulate our sexual gratification, allowing us to climax like men.  Duh!!

Women are looking to and expecting their partners to fulfill their sexual desires more so now than ever before.

Recently, the FDA rejected a pill to treat low sex drive in women; maybe this is the result of those who think like Cuccinelli and Huckabee and the misogynist way of thinking that traveled all the way to Washington.  The FDA is having second thoughts about approving the female version of Viagra, because most women, so they think, really don’t want to enjoy sex like their male counterparts. REALLY!!??

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