Oral sex may appear in it, may even take a starring role in it, but it’s most definitely not porn. And I can tell you something else it isn’t: disgusting. It is a sensual and arousing step in the Pleasure Journey toward an Orgasm for Sure, and everyone wants that. But I’m curious to know, who among us thinks oral sex is on the same level as porn. Use the poll beneath the ad; don’t worry, it’s anonymous.


News flash!  Sexual gratification is no longer a “men’s only” club. Today women also want to enjoy the Pleasure Journey of climaxing during sex, especially after experiencing amazing oral sex.  But, oral sex is still taboo in the 21st century, and the Leave It to Beaver Era is still closed-minded to sexual gratification done in this manner.  Well, the Leave It to Beaver Era is over and done with, and modern women want desperately to achieve an orgasm during sex.