When something comes around in our life time and creates a buzz and a demand of that buzz is prevalent, then the world catches on to its notoriety and everyone pays close attention.  Such as the World Wide Web and Internet, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, shall I name anymore?  The topic #OralSex will be prevalent on my Facebook, Twitter, etc. because this “ugly little dirty secret” should no longer be seen as that in the eyes of most people, and changing their perspective will take crashing through the ceiling and making a huge stance.

Given America’s wholesome image and “A” morals are so intact that this “disgusting” little hobby is treated like porn, which happens to be a billion-dollar industry that is enjoyed and supported by most Americans (but I won’t tell).

The word #OralSex now is what the word #Cancer was back in the 50s…the “C” word.  A word that was never mouthed because it was allegedly shameful.  Now, it’s a badge of honor; especially to those who have survived this  #heartbreaking disease.

The topic of #OralSex will be my platform and my torch because I believe in it, especially as a woman.  Why?  Because this is one sure way that WOMEN climax during sex, and the feeling of cunnilingus is AMAZING and joyous!!  I am also passionate about this topic because the current perspectives about Oral Sex are a totally false, unjust, and misogynistic way of thinking.  Men are not the only ones who enjoy oral sex, climaxing, and having an orgasm.  You guessed it; women do, too.  Actually, it’s what we require and truly enjoy.  And when we are completely satisfied in the act of love making, hands down we will take exceptionally excellent care of our partner.  Duh!!

To all those who follow my blog, have purchased my eBook and followed me on Facebook and Twitter: thank you for making me proud and taking a stance against those upholding the “status quo”, but who, behind closed doors, love having their dick sucked or pussy eaten.

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