Life can throw you many curve balls, but the key to rebound the unexpected is accepting it has happened and deciding how to communicate with self and others to adopt a positive outlook.  Sex, love making and oral sex can travel down that same type of road toward unexpected curve balls, if communication is not conveyed effectively and sufficiently for your partner.

Speaking your wants and desires during sex, oral sex and love making is the key to a healthy, lasting love affair for all to enjoy.  Men love having their dicks sucked and are very open and easy about asking you to do such an act of kindness for them. They also make it no secret how certain areas on their bodies are sensitive to the touch, like their balls or ass.  Really!?  Yes!  Just imagine how his lips feel on your entire body, such as: breasts, neck, navel, ass, and especially between your pink ice.  Your partner’s sensitivity may be stronger in different body areas, but your partner’s sensitivity is comparable, if not similar, to your sensitivity.

Practice being open and expressing with your loved one the things that excite and turn you on.

The more we learn to communicate openly at the start of sex, the more we can enhance and elevate our sexual escapades to unreachable heights.  Enjoy the journey!!

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