So, did I mention just how important this kissing stuff is? Because if you haven’t noticed, this is the second time we’re mentioning the kiss—and that’s because that is where sex usually begins: the mouth. In fact, the art of the sensual kiss is so important to the act of, not only making love, but that all-time favorite foreplay pastime oral sex that I dedicated the first chapter of my eBook, Oral Satisfaction, to that alone. Here’s a short excerpt expressing just how important a good kiss is to satisfying oral sex:

“Size really does matter, but not where you think! In fact, our biggest sex organ is not located between our legs, but between our ears. That’s right; it’s our mind. There are many outstanding attributes that can help you achieve an orgasm, and they are simple and right within your grasp.  However, one of the vital attributes and requirements is that you MUST allow your mind to be open to pleasure or your climax will be less than climactic!

You can achieve orgasm through oral sex, and you should; no excuses! One of the major reasons women have for not climaxing from oral pleasure is that, for whatever reason, you are simply not allowing your mind to be receptive to it.  Maybe it’s some personal baggage or an emotional hang-up or you feel “dirty” or “icky,” but no two sexual experiences are ever the same; clear those cobwebs out to make room for some fireworks! You have to embrace the freedom to act, execute your will power so you will no longer be inhibited, but uninhibited, during sex.

The second biggest sex organ is our mouth, just think of the great things that we can do with it—if only we’ll allow ourselves to: from tasting to teasing to licking to communicating and expressing likes and dislikes to kissing intimately with someone. Our mouths, including our tongue and lips, are wonderful tools for creating climaxes for both men and women.  During sex, both partners should and must express the same things, our desires or delectables, whatever gets us hot. It is important to communicate what we want and express our likes and dislikes with consideration for our partners.  We are not here to hurt or deflate anyone, but to add pleasure to our joint experience(s).

KISS: Keep It Simple, Sexy

It all starts with the kiss.  Kissing is a verb, an action word that should compel you to act.  Kissing should be used to create arousal and stimulation.  Kissing is imperative and must be utilized. I am not talking about a peck, a smooch and definitely not a 30-second kiss that you believe has gotten him or her into the mood so now you’re ready to have sex.  Not!”

Not is right. That first kiss, the one that sets the mood, that can be soft, gentle, tantalizing. But this kiss, this is the kiss that keeps the motor running, gunning, shifting up to the third and fourth gears. It’s all about tongues and lips – making them touch, moving them around – sucking, licking, sharing each others’ mouths. Nibbling lightly with timid teeth. Or going full-on S&M and tearing their lips off with your artificial vampire fangs. Whatever your mood, whatever your energy throw that into the kiss and you’ll both get an OFS!

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