The sexiest body part on our bodies is the lips, I believe.  A sexy mouth is one that you want to love on, tease, and tantalize because it creates sexual arousal that leaves a lasting impression.  That is why kissing is important and exciting to do, because a simple kiss creates sexual stimulation, enhances your libido (from stirring up those pheromones), and does many  great things for the body.

My secret weapons are my lips, mouth and tongue, because of the many fun, wicked things that I truly enjoy doing with all of them. Being a great kisser is like serving an ace during a tennis match: a sure thing and a winner.

Teasing, stimulating and tantalizing my partner until he is begging me to stop creates a natural high for me during oral sex unlike anything else that I experience.

When you tantalize the sensitive body parts (neck, breasts, nipples, navel and genitals) in the proper manner, your partner’s body should be trembling from excitement, barely waiting for you to take it to another level of pure unadulterated excitement.  The mouth only ignites your sexual desires during a kiss, but the tongue and lips close the deal. Get busy!

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