Sexual stimulation is not hard or complicated to engage in (always consensual, safe, and with a significant other).  Far from the case, it is actually easy and very simple to partake in and accomplish.  Humans are sexual creatures that enjoy sexual stimulation, most especially when it is ignited by our 5 senses: taste, touch, sound, sight and smell.  Think about it; why do we have profound senses, only to lay dormant and not be effective in any form or fashion?  Definitely not!!! Even if you tried desperately to fight your feelings and hide your sexual disgust, something or someone can turn you on–if you open your mind to the wonders of pure sexual delight.  When you incorporate all 5 senses into your sexual style, when they finally touch, your genitals will automatically ignite into the “proactive” mode of sexual stimulation, sending you into a sexual frenzy.

The best approach toward the body for him (lips, ears, neck, nipples, navel, knees (front & back) and penis) and her (lips, neck (back and front), breasts, armpits, fingers, navel, all of the vagina) is to turn on your visual senses (sight) so that you SEE the body beautifully: as sexual and enticing.  Your touch will ignite your TASTE buds wanting you to explore his/her body with your supple lips, mouth and tongue; all that action is igniting the moans of sexual desire (sound).  The body is beautiful to taste, touch, hear, see and smell.  When you allow your energy into the mix as well, you are also stimulating his or her pheromones.

Pheromones are naturally occurring odorless substances the fertile body excretes externally, conveying an airborne signal that provides information to, and triggers responses from, the opposite sex of the same species.” – Athena Institute for Women’s Wellness

“In 1986 Dr. Winnifred Cutler, founder of Athena Institute for Women’s Wellness, and her colleagues conducted the first controlled scientific studies to document the existence of pheromones in humans. Prior to their landmark research, there were no conclusive indications that pheromones were excreted by humans.”  By 2005,  scientific literature recognized four different classes of pheromones that allow us to recognize or otherwise connect to each other. The human sex-attractant pheromones from Dr. Cutler’s expertise are the most important to us here at, Oral Satisfaction, and you can read more details about her pheromone research here.

In conclusion, exploring the sensitive regions of your partner’s body, stimulating your libido, and creating an enhanced sexual experience are natural and exciting steps to an OFS!

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