Your lips are amazing erogenous zones that are very sensitive to the touch.  They are soft, supple, and attractive to look at, touch, taste and feel.  Now, imagine your lips traveling over your partner’s body: focusing on their erogenous zones, creating sexual stimulation.

On a Man, yes, men do have multiple erogenous zones, and they are: his nipples, neck, lips (of course), and knees (the back and front) are very sensitive; then his lovely navel, the hair line that leads to his Rock of Gibraltar and, of course, the waiting soldier that is standing at attention.

Now, when you focus your ATTENTION on her erogenous zones, you have struck gold.  Her entire body is an erogenous zone, sensitive to the touch, and sexually stimulating just to look at.  Get busy and don’t leave until she climaxes in your mouth.

Some of her erogenous zones are: luscious lips (of course), her neck (back and front), supple beautiful breasts, curvaceous hips, navel, the back of her knees, and her Venus butterfly.  I hope that you are not in a rush, because you’ll need to get lost in this vast garden of pleasure to truly enjoy it.

Kissing, focusing your attention on each other’s erogenous zones, sharing your passion and sensuality to the sight, sound, taste, touch and smell of your partner’s body will usher in the many joys, wonders, and rewards of oral sex.

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