I love to kiss! No, you are not hearing me. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to kiss.  Why?  Because, it sets the atmosphere to reek of sex and allows your libidos to climb in intensity for the most AMAZING sexual episode that you have ever experienced.  If you are a bad kisser, 9 times out of 10, you will NOT make it past first base with me.  My new man-toy, my Italian Lulu, is an amazing kisser and amazing fuck.  Not well endowed, but definitely perfect for little old me.  Sex should never be painful or hurt in any form or fashion.  Personally, I am not the lover of big dicks.


I have told him on countless occasions that he has pussy lips, at which he laughs.  They are red-pink, soft and full.  I love sucking, licking and teasing his lips, and that turns him the fuck on.  Yes, we truly enjoy fucking each other, because we are satisfying each other’s needs.  The shocking thing about my Italian Lulu is that he is not a pussy eater.  NO WAY!!! YES, WAY; yet, this is one of my requirements.  But, he gets a pass from me because he knows how to make me climax over and over again in other pleasurable ways.


Yes, soft and gentle kissing sets us in motion to take this amazing sexual Pleasure Journey together, which we truly look forward to and enjoy on any given day.  So, make passionate kissing a key component to your repertoire at the start of sex.  Kissing should never be rushed or forgotten about.  If you aren’t sharing sensual kissing, please, don’t fuck or expect guaranteed mutual climaxing in the near future, because I can guarantee you every orgasm will be one-sided.


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