Ladies, imagine that you and your partner have been put in a prison cell, and the key has been thrown away. All that remains are your bodies, your minds and your hot dripping genitals.

I want to provide you with the key to unlocking the joys, wonders, and rewards of sharing amazing orgasms with your partner and driving him insane.  One of the best tips for guaranteeing orgasms is staying in the present during sex. Literally savor every second of what you are feeling at that time.

Staying in the moment helps you truly enjoy the moment.

Your mind MUST be open and available for every inch, second, stroke, movement and delight you are about to enjoy.

If you have ever eaten something delectably delicious, and you REALLY “ate” it–meaning that you savored every bite, every chew and slowly allowed it to roll around in your mouth because you wanted to remember every bite; so, you prolonged this heavenly delight.

That is your mind getting engrossed in the moment.

You are not just eating and swallowing; no, you are EATING AND SAVORING EVERY MORSEL. That is the key to having the delectable, pulsating, hungry type of sex…by savoring every moment, every stroke, every breath that you share with one another. Your mind is the conductor leading the way, but you CAN’T allow your mind to wander away from the present. Stay in the moment and focus your mind on showing your partner how much you love him.

Recently, my boyfriend and I had unbelievable sex that lasted, honestly, for 20 minutes, tops.  We both climaxed at the same time.  Generally, it does take me a few minutes longer because I require hands-on, lips-sucking stimulation all over my body, but not this time.

When I sat on him, I was ready to climax just from the anticipation building up inside of me. I had allowed myself to enjoy him, his lips, our bodies and the present moment of simply being with him.  My pussy was so wet, and it was brought on by a steamy round of kissing and time spent getting “in to” each other.  We did not speak much, and I focused ONLY on the feeling of his delicious penis being inside my dripping pussy.  Clenching my pelvic muscles tight, my pussy was practically choking and holding his beautiful penis hostage (I love doing this to him, as it drives him wild). Contracting profusely, my pussy wanted and begged for him to stroke me slowly, which he did, and the climatic end was OFS!!!

Orgasm For Sure (OFS)
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