The joys, wonders and rewards your lady feels when she’s coming in your mouth are because you made it all happen.

You ignited ALL her erogenous zones by stimulating them passionately and sensuously—starting by touching her face, hair and shoulders; then, kissing her lips and mouth; holding her hands and arms; licking her ear lobes or nibbling the tender skin behind her ears, down the side of her neck and the front of her throat; massaging her fingers, toes and soles, or lower back; running warm, light finger traces over her abdomen, thighs and buttocks, breasts and nipples, especially her clitoris and pussy.

But what you will soon realize is that her juices become addictive. So, keep on sucking, licking, and creating the sweet, magic-tasting oral goodness. By this time, you should be nice and hard. It’s her turn now…

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