La cortesia no quita la valentia.

In the eyes of Nelson Mandela, who believed that a unified nation is better off than one that is not, humility, love and forgiveness were just as important as national unity. His spirit exemplified grace, virtue and courtesy.  Fast forward, I made a promise to not comment on the political satire in this country, but my hand has been forced.  Recently, “PRESIDENT” (not often referred to as such) Obama was asked to speak at Nelson Mandela’s wake, and it was a very moving speech.  After the speech, he made his way over to a section where some other dignitaries were seated and shook the hand of Raul Castro, brother to, Fidel, the former President of Cuba.  Apparently, that was the wrong thing to do, IN WHAT WORLD!!!???  To act in the SAME vein as Nelson Mandela, what else should he have done?  Being courteous, kind-hearted, humane and exuding manners was most certainly the right thing to do.

So, to ALL those who were opposed, furious, appalled, upset and sleep-deprived over it:  you have been inducted into the world of ASSHOLISM!!!

*A loose translation of the quote above: “Courtesy doesn’t remove courage.”