I am thrilled and excited that my eBook has found its way into the hands of the inquisitive.  Over 500 people have purchased my book, of that 405 have downloaded it.  Wow, that is amazing!  However, ONLY 2 people have left raving reviews about my book.  Remember, Oral Sex is still taboo in the 21st Century, and any association must be a bad thing, right?


Actress Niecy Nash spoke about “OS” in a very subtle manner, but it was clear that is how she keeps her man happy.  Yesterday, on The View “OS” came up again in a very subtle manner that evoked laughter and innuendos.

With that said, I am making the announcement today through my blog that I will be the lone crusader to bring this healthy, very natural and enjoyable sex act to the forefront.

Who does not like having an Orgasm?

Please email your comments and candid opinion on the topics.  I would love the dialogue.

Also, I would love for each and every one of you to leave a comment, anonymous if you like, about your likes and dislikes regarding my book.

Thanks, Tatiana