Sex, making love, and oral sex go hand-in-hand and should always complement each other. Men love having sex, but most importantly having their dicks sucked. It’s the truth, and it is what it is. Women love having sex, as well, but will most often play it down (we are ladies, after all).

However, we ALWAYS want to achieve an orgasm during sex or right before the curtain call.

Men, get it done!!! I can’t reiterate or stress upon this enough. Men, let’s stop and think about this for a minute. You love sports, most notably football, basketball, soccer, etc. Right?!?! You are VERY passionate about sports, sex (and having your dick sucked and stroked) and porn (those who will admit to it). ;o) Getting consumed by the feeling, the passion and joy that it brings you day in and day out. Right?!?! When a woman gives you a “MASTERFUL BJ”, it is because of her Passion for the Penis (P2) and her desire to please the very core of you and your beautiful cock.

During sex, love making, or oral sex you should ALWAYS focus on your partner to enhance the Pleasure Journey you’re both on.

When a woman does not achieve an orgasm during or after your Pleasure Journey, you have failed her.

It’s that simple, and it is what it is. Treat eating her pussy like watching the football, basketball, or hockey game. You’re focused, driven and passionate about what you are experiencing. Get it done!!! And I promise you that her dick sucking skills will only improve.

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