Sam begged Susan to sit on top of him and ride him home.  For most women, riding that dick home can be the guarantee for a big O; it definitely is for me.  However,

I MUST, MUST be totally stimulated sexually or it will definitely NOT happen.

Personally, I LOVE riding a dick across the finish line.  Especially when we both climax together, and he can’t move.  Well, I’m not going to stop!

I’m thinking, “Hell yeah!!!” My pussy is wet, juicy and contracting tighter and tighter from the climax. I am going to take pure advantage of this shit.  I will often ride it until I just can’t take anymore and pass out.

I prefer being on top, as opposed to being on the bottom because my G-spot is not being reached or touched. For me, I think that they prefer women on top, because they feel the pussy better; it’s totally open and a more precise “fit” to feel all her walls.

If you’re usually on the bottom, give being on top a try. For a little bit of variety and better G-spot stimulation, my vote is to be on top versus the bottom.

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