Recently, Megan met an amazing man who happens to be a great fuck.

Every time we would fuck, he made sure that I climaxed, as I wished he would.  We experienced pure jubilation, climactic fucking fun every time.

She asked him once when he learned the art of knowing how to make a woman climax.  He said that a woman’s body is a road map to pure, unadulterated, simply amazing sex.

Every part of her body is sensitive to the touch and requires all of your attention.

Her lips get a lot of attention, which he truly loves sucking, kissing and tasting.  While her breasts, nipples, navel, ears, and everything in between are waiting patiently to be ignited, stimulated, and made love to.

After the foreplay, her pussy, seriously, I would literally drown in her wetness, and then I sucked and ate her pussy until she was begging for mercy.  It is unfathomable to me for any man not to eat or enjoy the likes of a wet pussy that you love to put your dick in. 

If you love to fuck it, you should be willing and eager to eat it.

Every time that a man begins his Pleasure Journey with any woman, he should grab an invisible Picasso paint brush and begin to paint a sexual masterpiece.

Loving on a woman’s body gets a man in the right frame of sexual madness; driving him insane to a Mount Rushmore climatic episode every single time.

BTW, I am a married man and also make it clear that I am, but I can guarantee you an amazing fuck every time. 

Ladies, if you ever venture into the cheating world of married men, ALWAYS check your emotions at the door and NEVER let them enter so that you can avoid unwanted heartache and unnecessary drama. You will never get hurt if you keep your emotions in check at the door.

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