I don’t swallow, but I love sucking dick.  When my boyfriend climaxes in my mouth, I  simply use his cum as extra lubrication to turn up the heat on my masterful blow job.  I blanket his cum all over his penis to create an amazing slick sensation that turns him the fuck on and sends him straight to Mars.

Most people don’t swallow, but it is definitely a choice and an option. The kind of choice that should never be forced upon you or made into an ultimatum.  Hell No!!!  That is why

communication is key and vital

to any form of sexual stimulation and gratification.  This will keep you both on the same page and understanding each other’s vices, demands or expectations.

Spunky sperm is awful, disgusting and tastes horrible. I refuse to be a part of that club.  So, in order to not offend anyone, look into one of the many resources that explain how to moderate the flavor, consistency or even color of sperm based on the foods in a man’s diet.

Life is simple…It’s people who complicate it.

The Joys, Wonders, and Rewards of Oral Sex
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