Men are simple creatures who do not like drama, chaos, and not having sex. Men love, love, love sex and having their dicks sucked; it’s that simple.  Men are designed to procreate, and they are visual beautiful creatures.  Women are emotional, nurturing and need to feel love.  Men are, too, but seek it out differently than us.  My first husband told me that men love harder than women, we just show it differently–about which he was right.

Let’s stay focused

Sex, love making and oral sex are simply enjoyable,

and once you try it, it does become something like an addiction. I love oral sex and truly enjoy receiving and giving it, because it’s a natural turn-on that heightens your sexual Pleasure Journey. Who doesn’t like climaxing on a regular basis? Because I know I certainly do.

Loving on your man is the most sensuous and passionate thing that you can do to your hard, rugged, yet truly soft, man.  It makes them butter, and they are delicious to taste and tease. Sucking a dick is like eating a banana dipped  in deep dark chocolate that is drizzled with succulent  goodness.

Suck his dick like that sweet tasting banana is dipped in hot chocolate sauce–heavenly!  Start at the head of his penis, and kiss, kiss, kiss it with wet and very moist lips.  Tease it with your loving tongue, working down to his hard and waiting shaft. Damn, this is turning me on!

While men deserve love, keep in mind that so do we. Remember: No licky, licky…No sticky, sticky. Let’s stop the madness; go share your tongues and mouths passionately on your bodies and with one another.

The Joys, Wonders, and Rewards of Oral Sex
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