News Flash!! The majority of people Love, Love, Love oral sex, and I am one of those people. It’s a major part of my sexual repertoire. “No licky…No sticky”, that’s the rules. Life is about choices…you can choose NOT to suck dick or eat pussy or you can. To keep life harmonious, simple and not complicated (no stress) that requires sensational oral sex satisfaction; ONLY deal with people who have

passion for the penis and passion for the pussy (P²)

who love oral sex. It’s that simple.

Listen, my old-school Italian lover prefers not to eat pussy. Ok. However, he is well aware of MY requirements. He knows that I MUST climax, which he makes happen with sensual Foreplay and attention to our Pleasure Journey. Simply lovely! If he did not accomplish this very important goal of mine, I would lock down the pussy and not suck his dick. Plain and simple. Now for him, that is not doable or cool because he craves and loves, loves, loves my juicy, ALWAYS waiting pussy and me sucking his dick.

We are both very satisfied because WE both deliver. Don’t make it complicated…like-minded people never do. 🙂

The Joys, Wonders, and Rewards of Oral Sex